Duration: from 2022-11-01 to 2022-11-30

Once the project Consortium completes the development of O1, O2 , O3, O4, and O5, and the learning activity in Cyprus, UMB will organise a dissemination workshop in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, to share findings with schools and teachers across the country.

The objectives of this dissemination workshop are:

– Shed light into the project deliverables;

– Engage a wider cycle of interested parties, more secondary teachers, school principals and schools in the pilot and implementation phase. – Allow for roundtable discussions for improvement and refinement of developed project deliverables and future practices.

The workshop will unfold in three sessions:

First session: A formal presentation of project deliverables by host partner organisation;
Second session: Round table discussion with audience, including Q&A.
Third session: Reflective workshop, where participants will have the opportunity to familiarise with the outputs and try them out, through a series of interactions.

Furthermore, the event will announce a Digital Cultural Challenge, to encourage teachers to explore the use of the tools and methods proposed, among their schools, following the dissemination workshop.

After the completion of the workshop, the practitioners interested to apply the methodology and tools to their classrooms, will sign an agreement with the national coordinator and take part in the pilot and implementation phase.

In case that conditions do not allow it (due to the pandemic), the multiplier event will be organised online, in the form of a webinar, using Zoom platform.