The university offers a range of university education opportunities in 444 study programmes at all three levels for almost 6987students. It has six faculties, five of them focus on SSH (socio-economic sciences, humanities, educational sciences, political sciences and law); one faculty is natural science oriented. In recent years a multidisciplinary approach and interfaculty collaboration have been

strengthened. Internationalisation of research is an essential element of most research projects. Research priorities at the MBU have been defined on the basis of the MBU Action Plan 2015-2020 as well as on national research priorities and Horizon 2020.

Research at the university is focused on social, political, economic and natural sciences as well as pedagogical sciences. The university offers a wide scale of study programs for teaching training in most subjects. Focus is on connecting science and research outputs with innovative teaching and learning materials.

  • The key persons involved in this company and so in the project

Barbora Vincezová

Petra Jesenká

Alena Štulajterová

Alžbeta Michalíková

Anna Slatinská

JEAN MONNET č. 2009-2838/154813 Chaire Jean Monnet ad Personam «Identité et Cultures en Europe.»2013 – 2014. 2012-10-15-0003 Action Austria – Slovakia: Empowering doctoral candidates through professional development planning. 2013 – 2014. In cooperation with Comenius University in Bratislava and Universitat Wien.

OPV-2011/1.2/03-SORO Modern Education for Knowledge society. 2014. University of Helsinki, Finland.

ITMS code 26110230082 Program Evaluation of Public Policies. Faculty of Economics, Matej Bel University. 2014 – 2015 In cooperation with s University of Waterloo, Canada.

2014-05-15-0001 Action Austria – Slovakia: Get organized. 2014-2015. In cooperation with Comenius University in Bratislava and Universität Wien

In Between. 2016-2017. EU program scheme – Europe for Citizens, in cooperation with Institute of European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, Warsaw, Poland.

Intelligent Teaching Materials for Applied Botanics, Mycology and Zoology.

Language in the City – Documenting Multimodal Semiosphere of the Linguistic Landscape in Slovakia from the Comparative Viewpoint Project.

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