The primary objective of O4 is to provide to cultural heritage institutions and with an overview of national and transnational secondary educational curriculum units for subjects taught, so as to digitise their colelctions with relevant resources for reuse in education. In order to help educators use digital collections it is important to know what they are required to teach to their students. Information about curricula and exams is always publicly available because educators need access to this information to prepare their lessons. From a content and pedagogical point of view, 04 will ensure that the activities and resources produced in CHERISHED, can be seamlessly integrated into the curricula of European countries.

There has not been a similar comparative report in an EU level. In view of the aforementioned challenge and identified need, this intellectual output foresees the analysis of curricula in European countries, focusing on the five partner countries (Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Slovakia). The intention is to examine in particular the topics/units covers across compulsory subjects and later synthesize the results into common subjects and units taught across all five countries, at a public secondary level. This will result in identifying common curriculum taught, at a cross-country level. This report will therefore provide a much needed resource for cultural heritage institutions looking to digitise their collections, in order to create relevant sources, to ensure that an online collection offers sources that relate to educational curricula (without this leading to a limitation on the broader collections). O4 will offer suggestions for content curation according to broader themes and topics, so that teachers can immediately browse the content related to the industrial revolution, for instance, in one click. It is also envisaged that recommendations are made for how to reuse cultural heritage resources in an inclusive manner.


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