IO2 refers to the development of a multifunctional and cross-sectoral online interdisciplinary learning platform. The accreditation system is through open badges and the leading organisation, INSTITUTO IKIGAI, will lead this intellectual output to respond to the growing need especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for inclusive digital education, focusing on the integration of tangible and intangible cultural heritage in compulsory education.

The intention in the CHERISHED project is to provide with concrete, co-creative and practice-based, learning modules and support tools. Based on the needs analysis conducted during the proposal stage of the project, it was found that secondary school teachers would benefit from online professional development in regards to inclusive and culturally relevant teaching. Insights for this analysis were drawn mainly from the 2019 EURODICE report on Digital Education at School in Europe and the International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS) 2018, with a focus in particular on the 5 partner countries. Findings from the ICILS study suggest that teachers need support in their use of ICT in teaching and are more likely to promote Computer and Informational Literacy (CIL) and Computational Thinking (CT) in their teaching if they are confident users of ICT and have positive views towards ICT; they feel their school has a collaborative approach to the use of ICT in teaching.

Target groups

This platform is addressed primarily to secondary school educators and educational leaders from all partner countries and not only. It is open access and will be the focal point for the project, to develop the aforementioned support tools and mechanisms for empowering secondary school teachers in their digital cultural competences. The platform will target at:

– Providing open access educational in-service training resources, such as the O3 Microlearning Course for secondary school teachers, with the opportunity to use digital tools and materials in their teaching and learning activities and to develop and upgrade their digital cultural skills;- Enhance secondary school teachers’ skills and competences through digital cultural challenges assigned in modules offered;

– Raise awareness of the need to combat stereotypes and promote culturally responsive digital teaching in secondary education;

– Host an open digital badge scheme, as a means to validate the competences and skills gained for the duration of the project;

– Communication and dissemination of the educational outputs of the project, including results, intellectual outputs and announcement of events;

– Development, growth and sustainability of the CHERISHED community of educators during and after the project lifecycle;

– The interactivity feature of the learning resources to be developed, require that the platform supports of interactive learning through a variety of fixed and mobile devices;

– Development of a support mechanism for users, through the infrastructure for O5 Personal Learning Network.

– Integration of the most common social media features like chat rooms, forums, messaging tools, etc are built into the platform to support online interaction between end-user target groups.

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