Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to connect online and digitally explore libraries, museums, archives, and galleries. 

Everyone can see the beauty of the world from a screen! 

Virtual tours offer the opportunity to explore some of the beauty of the world’s cultural heritage, feeling oneself in those fascinating places. 

In Europe, there are many points of interest that can be observed, incorporating beauty within the project partner countries. 

For example: 

  • In the Netherlands one can explore the Stedelijk museum with modern and contemporary art. 
  • In Belgium, one can admire the Museum of Medicine for all lovers of art, history and literature from antiquity to the present day.
  • In Spain you can discover the European Museum of Modern Art which exhibits figurative and sculptural paintings from the 20th to the 21st century 
  • In Cyprus you can admire the country’s most luxurious Hotel, built in honor of Queen Berengaria, wife of Richard the Lionheart 
  • In Slovakia you can see the bunkers and fortresses built in response to Hitler’s rise to power and fascism. 

Take a look here and discover the wonders of the world:

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